Cie Murray also known as “Your MOTORvator” has a unique style of delivery, solid content and practical applications that motivates audiences to take action in the workplace. Her interactive approach is sprinkled with just the right amount of humor. Each presentation that she shares is customized to fit each audience needs and nuisances. Attendees leave her sessions with a full tank of action steps to activate, accelerate, and sustain their work performance.





Cie Speaks to Organizations such as:

  • National Baseball League
  • New York Life
  • Re/Max
  • Network of Executive Women (NEW)
  • U.S. Department of Treasury




Could being locked into traditional motivational methods be hindering your team from elevating their work performance? Cie delivers a "cutting-edge" motivation strategy that challenges workers to take ownership of their own motivation by tapping into the root of what actually motivates them, their in-born motivation.

In this workshop, you will discover your unique In-Born MOTORvators or motors and learn how to use them to turbocharge your performance. Like a car motor propels a car into motion, your unique MOTORvator® that’s inside you energizes and accelerates you to into action, so you can achieve desired results at work and life.


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“Thank you for your phenomenal presentation.  It was exactly what we were looking for and needed.”

— Lawrence Clark

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“I always wanted to be a top producer. Cie showed me how to up my game.”

— Diana Avery
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