We greatly appreciate your consideration of Cie Murray for your next meeting. Here are some items to assist you in your planning efforts on the panel to your right. If you need other materials, please feel free to call us at 770-631-7031 or email at




Room & AV Setup Preferences

SEATING: Class room style seating is preferred.
STAGE: A stage or riser for Cie to stand on so everyone in audience can see her.
PODIUM: A podium is needed for Cie's laptop & notes. If podium is not available, a small table or podium would work.
PRODUCT TABLE: A skirted table placed near the exit or to one of the sides of the room for book sales.
MIKE: Lavaliere microphone is optimal over a hand held type.
PROJECTOR: LCD projector for Power Point and audio/music.


Cie Murray



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“First, let me tell you that it was a pleasure working with you. As a meeting planner, I see numerous presentations for various groups, and yours is a great fit to stimulate conversation and motivate attendees to look a little deeper into themselves and their associates to find newer, better and more productive ways to accomplish great things.”

— Debbie Hill, CMP
Innovative Event Management Inc.