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Date: Aug 28, 2013
Category: Work Life 

Remember when you got the phone call from your hiring manager, offering you your current position.  You were so excited and delighted to be going to work for 1-2-3 ABC Inc.  You texted all your friends to arrange a gathering at your favorite meeting place or you treated  yourself to the latest tech gadget to celebrate.   You use to float into your office with a smile every day.  You not only got to work on time, but you got there a little early and stayed a little later.  Now that it's been over a year, your work life doesn't quite give you that spark.  Sometimes you wonder why you took  this job in the first place.  How do you re-capture some of that affection and delight you once had?   Here's a tool to help you get your joy back.

“Get Motivational Strategies 2 Drive Forward”

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