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Date: Aug 24, 2016
Category: Leadership Peak Performance 

by Cie Murray

In today’s economic times, no industry or profession can escape the need to change. Some strategies and techniques that worked just a few months ago are obsolete and no longer viable options. That's why in order to thrive and even survive in the workplace, you will need to cultivate and exercise the assets of agility and flexibility.  Two key areas for flexing these work muscles are your plans and your thinking.

Date: May 31, 2015
Category: Leadership Motivation 

by Cie Murray


On a flight to Dallas on Southwest Airlines, I observed  an off duty flight attendant, who was on personal travel, assist a passenger in opening a stuck luggage compartment.  No one knew she worked for Southwest until she identified herself.  I certainly was impressed and I'm sure other passengers were too with this attendants willingness to go the extra mile in her off time.

How do you motivate your employees to do work that is not necessarily required of them?  One strategy is to help each team member feel that what they do makes a difference to your organization and to others.  Studies have shown that when employees know that their work efforts are making an impact, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and a desire to perform at a higher level.  What can you do to show them that their work efforts are making an impact? Here are three important suggestions.


Date: Mar 27, 2015
Category: Leadership 

by Cie Murray

I recently attended the amazing Million Dollar Consulting Conference in which I wrote 42 pages of notes over a 3 day period.  Of course that's too long to share in this blog.  Here are 10 tips that can be used to drive sales, employees, and even yourself forward.

Date: Jul 7, 2013
Category: Leadership 

Sometimes  to go up or lead others up, we have to BACK UP.  That has been a hard one for me because so many times I think I need to have the next thing to do lined up, perfected, and ready to go. I grew up hearing don't just sit around, do something.  However, I have learned that when I'm sitting I am doing something.  I didn't have a bigger and better newsletter when I chose to stop writing my previous newsletter.  Yet, I knew I needed to  pause, reflect, and re-evaluate my business strategy and how the newsletter would fit.  Only then could ideas open up to create a newsletter that would provide greater value to you.  Is there some activity that you need to back up from doing?

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