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'What Drives You to Sell, Produce, Create? ' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

What Drives You to Sell, Produce, Create?

Date: Sep 27, 2013
Category: Sales Motivation Drives 

by Cie Murray

As I was walking out the door to make sales calls, my district sales manager at Del Monte would shout out to me, “Give ’em steel, Cie. Give ’em steel.” At first, I wasn’t sure what he meant. Later, I learned he was telling me to “pound hard” to bring in business. But I didn’t need that kind of push from him to drive sales—I was intense in my sales efforts all by myself. I worked excessively—nonstop, all day, every day. I was like the Energizer Bunny, getting up early, going to bed late. By the end of that first year with the company, my region went from the worst in the country to #1. I got a promotion and was moved to a different region with a larger account responsibility. And while it was exhilarating, what I didn’t know was that I was headed toward burnout.


Are You Driven to Perform?

People who are driven focus primarily on the prize they will obtain at the end of their task. It’s the hunt, the chase, the race that compels them to act. Most of the time, they are oblivious to everything except their target. When they pause, it’s only to contemplate the next move. Driven people are future minded, using the past only as a benchmark for achieving new results. When a person is driven, she or he misses the “Aha!” moments, the here and now, the joy of the process, of the journey. I know; I did it myself. Part of my sales territory was in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, but I breezed right through them as if were traveling up I-85.


Do You Drive to Thrive?

By the time I started working as a commissioned radio sales executive, the driven work life was no longer working for me. It was wreaking havoc on both my career and personal life. It got so bad, I could no longer ignore the need to make a change. So, I took some time off to reflect and soul-search. And what I came to realize was that my work habits up to that point had been based on behaviors that I had learned from the adults in my childhood. Instead of continuing to do things their way, I wanted to discover my own mode of operation and I began to explore. That’s when I made a commitment to unlearn the habits that I had been conditioned with and start using my own internal drives to drive sales.


Use Your Drives to Sell More, Produce More, Create More

"Drives" are the unique motivating forces inherently within you that compels you to take action. For example, a woman who looked to be in her forties approached me at the end of one of my seminars. She told me she had been a manager for several years and said that during my workshop she came to realize that her primary drive was to help and assist. “It’s become clear to me,” she said, “why I can’t seem to stop micromanaging my staff. I’ve been looking over their shoulders because I’m passionate about helping them. Now I can consciously use my drives to redirect my work efforts to assist my employees in more effective ways.” When you use your drives, your creativity, productivity, and happiness will increase.

After my own “Aha” moment at Del Monte, I stopped being driven to make outcomes happen and started operating more in the present moment to allow results to occur. For example, while working for a rock music radio station, I would canvas metro Atlanta for businesses to approach to sell radio advertising campaigns. I would go door to door nonstop until I found a business owner who would hear me out. I was so driven to fulfill my commission goals to drive sales that I didn’t think about much else. But, later, when I consciously began to use my drive for strengthening and energizing others, I found myself being more in the present moment of the presentation. I could freely focus on each prospect’s needs and strengthen him or her with radio campaigns that could be solutions to their low sales. The more I used my drive to energize my clients, the more energized I became to do my job. My business prospects were no longer just a commission check, but clients I could strengthen to sell more of their products or services. And although I was the new kid on the block at that station, I became the station’s new hero, outselling all the veteran salespeople in new business clients. I also felt less pressured and stressed and was happier, more engaged, and more fulfilled in my work.


I Wasn’t the Only One

While working in sales and marketing for various organizations, I began to notice the differences in the internal motivation of the individuals on my teams. I learned that everyone is hardwired with at least one unique dominant drive that urges them to act. As I started working from my drives and producing better results, other sales executives frequently asked for my assistance in keeping themselves and their teams engaged and more productive in the sales field. I later developed the Thinker Locator® process, a tool that enables workers to discover their unique internal drives and shows them how to use these drives in the workplace—thereby empowering them to take charge of and maintain their own motivation.

Perhaps you have used traditional incentive methods, such as perks, prizes, and bonuses to motivate yourself or your employees into action. Though these techniques may work for some, they don’t work for many others who require activation of their unique internal drive. Prizes come and go, but inner drive keeps motivation alive. When employees use their internal drives, it puts them in the driver’s seat, where they can steer their productivity toward achieving your organization’s goals. You can teach, coach, and support employees, and even give them perks and prizes, but in the end, motivation has to come from within.

 Are you driven or do you drive?

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