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'How To Fall In Love Again at Work' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

How To Fall In Love Again at Work

Date: Aug 28, 2013
Category: Work Life 

Remember when you got the phone call from your hiring manager, offering you your current position.  You were so excited and delighted to be going to work for 1-2-3 ABC Inc.  You texted all your friends to arrange a gathering at your favorite meeting place or you treated  yourself to the latest tech gadget to celebrate.   You use to float into your office with a smile every day.  You not only got to work on time, but you got there a little early and stayed a little later.  Now that it's been over a year, your work life doesn't quite give you that spark.  Sometimes you wonder why you took  this job in the first place.  How do you re-capture some of that affection and delight you once had?   Here's a tool to help you get your joy back.


Re-ignite Your Curiosity

On Monday morning, when you are walking through the front door of your workplace,  what are your expectations about your job?  Are you expecting it to be   the same old ho hum?  Instead, begin your workday with eyes of curiosity and wonder. You can do it even if you've been in the same job for 20 years.  It's going to take making an adjustment  in your mindset. 

Come on you can do it.  We operated in curiosity when we were kids.  I remember every evening during summer break, I would catch fire flies.  I would put them in a clear glass jar with holes punched in the top.  Then I'd observe them and get excited when they would  light up as if I had never seen them do this before. 

Think about what once fascinated you about your work?  How could you do the same tasks in different ways to get more meaning and enjoyment?  What could you do to make your work more engaging?  Sara, an architect for a leading architectural firm uses curiosity to open the door for imagination and ideas to design projects.  She views each new project like a new found toy under the Christmas tree.  Sara then challenges herself to think about how this toy or project can improve the well being others.

When you work with fresh eyes, you will discover many things to be excited and even contented about your work.  Before long you will find yourself not only more fulfilled, but driving forward.

If you could change the work  you do to get more meaning and enjoyment from it,  what  would you change? 




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