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'What are Your Two Most Important Work Assets?' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

What are Your Two Most Important Work Assets?

Date: Aug 24, 2016
Category: Leadership Peak Performance 

by Cie Murray

In today’s economic times, no industry or profession can escape the need to change. Some strategies and techniques that worked just a few months ago are obsolete and no longer viable options. That's why in order to thrive and even survive in the workplace, you will need to cultivate and exercise the assets of agility and flexibility.  Two key areas for flexing these work muscles are your plans and your thinking.




Your Plans

Woody Allen once said, "Make God laugh, tell him your future plans."  I'm not suggesting to not have a plan. What I am saying is don’t have a plan that is etched in stone.  It is very important for you to be open to different possibilities, processes, and executions.  This is not the time to hold on to traditions and past successes, because, you will need to perform and move speedily.


Your Thinking

Flexibility begins with adapting a flexible attitude. Make up your mind to readily accept change and the unexpected.  When change is initiated outside of us, there is the tendency to resist it.  We actually make things harder for ourselves, because we're trying to swim against the current. The more we resist, the harder it gets.  Accepting change is not about putting up with unacceptable conditions or situations.  It's about accepting the change that is there even though you may not like it.  Acceptance is so powerful because it puts you in a place that enables you to begin to make quality decisions that can empower you.

Three Exercises for Strengthening Your Work Muscles
#1 Do one thing you don't want to do at least once a week.  It doesn't have to be work related. It can be as simple as calling your sister to clear up a disagreement you had last week.  This exercise helps you to be pliable for what may come on the work front.

#2 Step outside your comfort zone. Seek relationships with people who are not like you.  Working and living in a global world and economy requires global thinkers.  Challenge yourself to think outside of your world by developing relationships outside your generation, culture, or race.

#3 Recognize humorous moments. Instead of taking on a somber view of change at work, shift your perspective to "it's not so bad after all."  Look for traces of fun, absurdity, and silliness in the change. When you lighten up, you brighten up your world!


Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® from Atlanta, Georgia. Cie shows leaders how to get the “Very BEST” from their people with powerful keynote presentations and workshops.  Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray


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