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'Back Up! Wake Up! Step Up!' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

Back Up! Wake Up! Step Up!

Date: Jul 7, 2013
Category: Leadership 

Sometimes  to go up or lead others up, we have to BACK UP.  That has been a hard one for me because so many times I think I need to have the next thing to do lined up, perfected, and ready to go. I grew up hearing don't just sit around, do something.  However, I have learned that when I'm sitting I am doing something.  I didn't have a bigger and better newsletter when I chose to stop writing my previous newsletter.  Yet, I knew I needed to  pause, reflect, and re-evaluate my business strategy and how the newsletter would fit.  Only then could ideas open up to create a newsletter that would provide greater value to you.  Is there some activity that you need to back up from doing?

alarm clockIn the process of backing up, I WOKE UP. I was inspired to change my messaging with a new angle, new slant, new voice, new website. It reflects more of who I am and what I can bring to the table to strengthen you to move forward. What you'll see in future newsletters, is more of me, awakening.  What's lying dormant in you that needs to be awakened?  WAKE IT UP!  Come on Wake Up those new ideas, new processes, new sales techniques. 

Now, it's time for me to STEP UP and do. Is it time for you to also step up and do?  In future newsletters expect to see tools and tips that will strengthen you in the areas of Drive, Leadership, Sales Motivation, and Work Life designed to strengthen you on your path to developing an impactful, joyful work life. STEP UP with me, Like me on FaceBook, Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn to me, Check out future Blogs, Add  Google+.  Together let's STEP UP to DRIVE FORWARD in work and life.

“Get Motivational Strategies 2 Drive Forward”

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