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'Are You Positioned to Go to the Next Level?' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

Are You Positioned to Go to the Next Level?

Date: Jul 28, 2016
Category: Peak Performance 

by Cie Murray

Why do some people seem to be always moving ahead? Why does it seem to be that you are standing still or being passed over for the next level on your job or in business? Other people are not outperforming you.  They are out positioning you.



Positioning is what you are doing either consciously or unconsciously that affects the minds or perceptions that customers, associates, supervisors, and even friends have of you.  What position do you hold in their minds?  Your positioning could determine whether you’ll move up, move out, or remain at the same level.


Here are three keys that can get you ready to take hold of the next level.

1.True Value

Examine the position you already own in the minds of those who could promote you and those who could hire or buy from you.   Does that position reflect your true values?


2. Take Ownership

What position do you want to own?  What do you want people to think about you when they hear your name?  Be careful not to try to be what others want you to be.  The sure way to differentiate yourself is to be you.  Don’t try to be all things to all people. 


3. Match It Right

Do you match your position?  In other words, do your actions match who you say you are?  For example, Julie a technology wiz often boasts about being excellent with technology, but she’s generally late in delivering her projects on schedule. Unfortunately, her wiz moniker is being overshadowed with the perception from management that she is not dependable.


Don’t be envious of others who are moving ahead.  Use these keys to get you ready for your next level.


Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® from Atlanta, Georgia. Cie shows leaders how to get the “Very BEST” from their people with powerful keynote presentations and workshops.  Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray

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