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'How Bad is Your Want To?' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

How Bad is Your Want To?

Date: Jun 22, 2016
Category: Peak Performance Motivation 

by Cie Murray

How did the Cleveland Cavaliers become the first basketball team in history to win the NBA National Championship after losing three games?  Was it because LeBron James and his team were better players than Steph Curry and his team.  Of course not, with both teams having won 3 games each, the seventh game could have gone either way.  I believe it was because, the Cavaliers had a “Bad Enough Want To”.  


What is a “Bad Enough Want To”?  It is an intense passionate reason for wanting what you want. What do you want, a promotion, a new Porsche, or a 36-inch waist line? 

Your Bad Enough Want To is the motivating force that ignites your passion and enthusiasm for achieving your goals.  Before stepping out to achieve your goals, first establish your “Bad Enough Want To”. Then allow it to direct your efforts. Here are 3 steps that can help you to determine whether your want to is bad enough.


#1 Make It About Others?

Make your want to about someone else not just yourself.  LeBron James wanted the National Basketball champion not for himself, but for the people in his home town of Cleveland Ohio. Although he was playing for the Miami Heat, a winning team, he allowed himself to be traded to a losing team, just so he could bring a championship to Cleveland. James felt it would inspire the people and make them a more unified city. 

Do you want to close that sale just to meet your quota, or is it also to help customers make the best choice in purchasing a car? There is nothing wrong with you getting rewarded, but when others benefit as well, it takes your enthusiasm up a notch.  Seek a motive that serves others or helps to make them better, and you’re more likely to reach your goal.


#2 Are You Fed Up?

You like the work you do, but are you willing to take action because a situation is upsetting to you?  Are you tired of the complaining and gripping in your office and the low morale? Being fed up is another reason for igniting your “Bad Enough Want To” to take positive effective action.  You don’t have to be in a management role to make an impact.

Tumika Pierce, a senior case support technician at the Social Security Administration was fed up with the complaining, griping, and low morale in her office.  The agency had a hiring freeze and everybody was on overload having to do more work with fewer people.  As a result, morale was low.  Tumika began encouraging her co-workers through her infectious spirit.  She would recognize each person's birthday by having a party for them in the office.  Once she brought in her video camera to record co-workers in action on the job.  She then used recordings to create a skit highlighting "Social Security Workers in the Broadcast News."  Tumika's actions instilled pride, value, and camaraderie in the office during a difficult time.  She not only got the promotion she desired, but her office moved from worst producing to the top producing office in the country.


#3 Will It Eradicate A Problem?

How bad do you want to get rid of an annoying habit or problem?  Connect it to a “Bad Enough Want To” motive to move you into action.

A wife who dipped snuff told her husband I want to quit, but I just can’t.  Unfortunately, her husband died.  Some years later she met a much younger man whom she desired to marry.  However, she knew if this younger man found out she dipped snuff he wouldn’t marry her. So she quit dipping snuff and married the younger man. 

How was she able to do this?  She made getting re-married her Bad Enough Want To for eradicating the problem of dipping snuff.

Your Bad Enough Want To ignites enthusiasm, and enthusiasm enlarges your perception of your work situations. It will give your work new meaning—a meaning of satisfaction and love for what you’re doing. You’ll begin to approach your work with more energy, caring, and attitude.  It can give you the internal fuel to keep going when the going gets tough.

Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® from Atlanta, Georgia. Cie delivers keynote presentations and workshops for organizations who want to get the “BEST” out of their teams.  Visit her blog at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray


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