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'20 Ways to Get Ouf of A Rut ' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

20 Ways to Get Ouf of A Rut

Date: Apr 30, 2016
Category: Motivation 

by Cie Murray

1.  Take your friend’s five-year old child to an amusement park.

2.  Turn your toilet paper roll in the opposite direction.

3.  Call someone instead of texting.

4.  Go a different way home.

5.  Get a triple dip ice cream cone.

6.  Don’t wait to be appreciated, send yourself a present.

7.  Sleep on the opposite side of your bed.

8.  Clean out your closet.

9.   Eat food you’ve never had.

10. Change your brand of toothpaste.

11. Take a walk instead of driving.

12. Leave your phone at home for a day.

13. Don’t follow the news for 2 weeks.

14. Laugh.

15. Leave a $10 dollar bill on the train.

16. Read a book instead of watching TV.

17. Drop an unhealthy relationship.

18. Wear something that is unusual for you.

19. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

20. Pray for someone that you dislike.

Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® from Atlanta, Georgia. Cie delivers keynote presentations and workshops for organizations who want to get the “BEST” out of their teams.  Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray.

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