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'Best Mistake or Bad Mistake; Which Did You Make?' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

Best Mistake or Bad Mistake; Which Did You Make?

Date: Feb 23, 2016
Category: Peak Performance 

by Cie Murray

Why is it that when some people make a mistake, instead of admitting it, they make up an excuse?  A frequent response to a mistake is to blame it on someone or something else. 

I use to do this too.  However after some self examination, I identified the root of my behavior.  




Growing up in my family, if you made a mistake, it was considered to be bad.  There was no separation from the behavior of making a mistake and the person who made it. Consequently, when I made a mistake, I was also the mistake rather than a person who made a mistake.


So when I landed in corporate America at Del Monte Foods as the first woman and first person of color in the division, the last thing I wanted to do is to make mistakes.  I viewed mistakes as failure. I didn't realize it before, but failure was exactly what I needed to do. 


At work how do you view failure?  You may view it as not achieving something; not closing a sales deal; or being passed over for a promotion


Overtime I have learned that each mistake I have made was not failure but rather a gift. Each mistake I've ever made caused me to do self examination and has propelled me to rise to my best potential.  We rise to our best potential, not in spite of our failures, but because of our failures.


Take a moment to reflect on something you failed at.  What was the gift you got from it?


Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® from Atlanta, Georgia. Cie delivers keynote presentations and workshops for organizations who want to get the most out of their team's abilities.  Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray

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