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'How to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting ' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

How to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Quitting

Date: Jan 27, 2016
Category: Peak Performance Motivation 

by Cie Murray


My friend Jonathan got offended when his boss falsely accused him of cheating on his expense report. He was so full of rage that he quit his job on the spot, not thinking about his non-working pregnant wife and financial obligations at home. It took him eight months to find a comparable job. 

Let's face it, we all have times when we feel like quitting.  What can you do to get motivated when you really want to quit?  Here are three tools.

#1 Take Control of Your Feelings

Recognize that you do have feelings, but you are not your feelings.   Jonathan allowed his feelings to take control of his actions. Like Jonathan, we all have been or will get hurt by someone somewhere along the way.

While it is important to acknowledge our feelings, that doesn’t mean we need to allow the feelings to take control of us. Be on the alert for negative emotions, because they can lead you to lose perspective of the situation, which can cause you to make distorted decisions.

Step back and ask yourself, “How would I handle this situation if I were not having unpleasant feelings like hurt, anger, resentment?” Coach yourself to respond to the situation as if you were having pleasant feelings like calmness and serenity.


#2 Change Your World

How are you viewing your work world?  Your work world can be changed by changing your thoughts about it.  You change your thoughts by changing the words you are saying.

What have you been saying about your work world?  Is it, “This place makes me sick. I hate my job, my boss, and co-workers”?  If so, then hating your job is the reality you are no doubt getting.

If you don’t want what you’ve been seeing, then begin saying what you want to see. How about saying, “I have a work life that empowers me to be my best” or you fill in the blank?  The words that come out of your mouth can redirect the outcomes of your work world.

#3 Remember Past Successes

It's amazing that when you are in the doldrums you seem to forget all the good things you have experienced. Your mind wants to concentrate on the things that are going wrong.

Take a few minutes to reflect on past successes.  This can be anything from winning a  tennis match or closing a difficult sale several months ago.  Remember the obstacles that you endured like the cramp in your leg during the match or the five different buyers you had to re-sell before closing the deal.  

You are the only one that can motivate you.  Use these tools to get on course for having the best year ever.


Cie Murray is Your MOTORvator® in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit her blog at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray

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