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'It's Not to Late to Encourage' from Cie Murray: Got the Power?

It's Not to Late to Encourage

Date: Sep 29, 2014
Category: Sales Motivation 

by Cie Murray

How could I have missed the National Day of Encouragement on September 12th?  You see I am a natural born encourager.  I am willing to believe the first person I encouraged was my mom, when she was in labor delivering me.  I probably said something like "Come on mom, PUSH PUSH YOU CAN DO IT PUSH PUSH".  Okay, that's a stretch, but I sincerely believe I was born to uplift and inspire people to maximize their highest potential. 


Help Make the World A Better Place

In this insane world, everyone can use some encouragement. What is encouragement? It means taking action to give confidence, hope, courage, support to another person.  You don't have to wait until September 12, 2015 and you don't have to be a natural born encourager to uplift someone.  In fact, you can start where you are right now.  Here are five simple ways you can be an encourager.

Begin with the End

When you are feeling undervalued and unappreciated, enlarge yourself value and enthusiasm by encouraging yourself.  Take charge of your own happiness.  Don't wait for the pat on the back.  Pat yourself on the back.  Say "(insert your name, you did an outstanding job today!"  You did so well you deserve a gift.  Buy yourself something you've wanted, have it gift wrapped, and place it on your desk. The next morning walk in and shout, ooooh for me!  Open  the package and enjoy it.  Marvel over it, that it's the right color and the perfect size.

Thanks a Lot!

Say thank you to your staff.  I have coached managers who felt that saying “thank you” to their staff  was not necessary. Their primary rationale was that workers are getting paid to do a job and that they should do a great job every day because that’s what they are paid to do. But remember, we’re dealing with human beings, who have emotions and are not machines. Most people get a boost from hearing “thank you,” which results in greater productivity. Cal Darden, a senior vice president at UPS, knows this firsthand. He personally calls star employees when he receives reports of their stellar performance. “After you do that, they’ll run through a wall for you,” said Darden.

Two through Nine Does Count

Okay, let 's say a co-worker or employee didn't score a 1 or a 10 in performance today.  Actually, they barely scored a number three.  That's still not a reason not to encourage someone.  In fact, this is precisely the time they need your support to build up their confidence to continue to move forward, so they can increase their performance. Encouragement could come in the form of saying "it's okay it wasn't perfect, you'll get bette".

Think It, Tell It

When's the last time you thought that suit looks good on him or I like her hair cut, but failed to open your mouth to tell them.  We do it all the time.  Don't allow this encouragement opportunity to get away.  Tell the waiter or waitress at the restaurant, you appreciate their superior attention to detail.  Oh when you do, don't forget to leave a tip that matches your compliment.  Tell your spouse he/she is important to you.  Then express it in some tangible way.  Always, tell your kids you are proud of them.

Wit, Wisdom, Wonderful Food

Listen to the Happiness Recipe Radio show at  It's a delightful radio show about wit, wisdom and wonderful food, hosted by June Cline and Sandy Weaver Carman.  You'll certainly be inspired to drive forward.


Cie Murray is the Drives Sales Strategist in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit her blog at or follow her on Twitter @CieMurray

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